Anonymous asked: What? How do you know who this is? Weve never even talked before...

Because I’m only really good friends with one guy, besides my boyfriend.

Anonymous asked: Well idk i feel like my life is falling apart. My bestfriend barely talks to me anymore. My pther bestest friend and i arent close anymore. Ur good friends with him actually. Without them i feel like im missing a piece of myself. Like i dont even want to be here anymore....

I think I know who you are actually…well, I know this may not be too much help, but unfortunately people do change. We grow up and grow out of our comfort zone and eventually we all go through a period of “I have nobody..” But I promise, I swear on everything, it gets so much better. It’s not you, it’s your environment. Try reaching out to old friends and trying new things. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Anonymous asked: hi.. So i go to yer school and idk i felt like i needed to talk to someone and u seem like a really nice person.. So i was wonderin if you woulsnt mind..

Of course, what’s going on?

I lost a follower…:(


Sun & Snow

Anonymous asked: so i got denied from Eastern but they said i should apply for the STEP program i dont really understand what that is do you know what it is?

I wanna say its an entrance loophole to eastern. Like you go to a community college for two years and then get admitted into eastern as long as you keep up a high GPA. Call admissions if you have any more questions, they’re great over there! Good luck!!

I just need to get to Eastern again…

My bed.

My seclusion from Enfield, especially.

I can’t stand it here. I need to go back to ECSU.

5 months, 10 days.


hnng yes

That awkward moment when your boyfriend has the same name as sonny’s ex-bandmate